Leaders by quality. Leaders by service
Since 2000, with the aim of providing more and better solutions, TELEDRIFT ARGENTINA S.A. works providing technology, quality and continuous innovation to the oil and gas industry.

The main objective was to provide vertical control service while drilling oil and gas wells in real time, so a relationship was established with Teledrift Company, which is its exclusive representative in Argentina. Later, the horizon is extended in taking the exclusive representation of DSI, owner of the PBL valve, with which TELEDRIFT ARGENTINA S.A. also begins to provide rental services of the alternative flow circulation valve.

Growth and evolution are constant; in 2003, and supported by the vast experience of its people, TELEDRIFT ARGENTINA S.A. begins its incursion into the market of performance drilling; for this down hole motors are incorporated and facilities are suited with disassembly and torque banks, necessary for the correct maintenance of these tools. This concept in drilling is positively developed, to the point of being considered by operating companies.

Thanks to its gradual integration of the services provided in the market, TELEDRIFT ARGENTINA S.A. has incorporated different tools and world-class service throughout the years to encompass a wide range of products, thus providing its customers with the highest number of possible solutions.

With the aim to meet the needs of customers with the highest quality and potential liability, TELEDRIFT ARGENTINA S.A. has developed and successfully implemented an integrated quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001, 14000 and OHSA 18000 standards.

Teledrift, Pro Drift, Pro Shot, PBL Valve, Down Hole Motors, Under Reamer and Roller Reamer, PDC drill bits, rotary systems and other down hole tools comprise the list of available tools that TELEDRIFT ARGENTINA S.A. hast to offer its services.

Quality, Technology, Professional Experience and high quality service are the essence and purpose of this company.