Aimed at providing excellent quality service, and under the premise of safety and environmental care in its operations, Teledrift Argentina S.A.  directional drilling services can be configured according to operational requirements and the needs of our customer for all kinds of well designs.

Teledrift Argentina counts on the know-how and the necessary expertise for all kinds of directional drilling, with directional operators who have more than 20 years’ experience and the latest technology.
It also owns the necessary software for planning, anti-collision analysis, torque and drag, hydraulics and BHA design.


Our highly qualified technical and operational personnel, together with the customer, works to fulfil the well planning based on the terrain and geological initial data provided. The data provided by the customer is the basis for the directional drilling plan. Then, we make the directional drilling proposal based on the customer information and our data base of experiences and learning from similar and previous works in the area. We use several tools, including offset well data bases and design software, to plan the most effective drilling approach.
Our Well Planning package includes:

  • Torque and Drag
  • Hydraulics
  • BHA Analysis
  • Anti-collision
  • Optimization



MWD ProPulse ™ is a selfcontained measurement while drilling system of positive pulse pressure. It gives information about Tilt, Azimuth and Toolface. The system is easy to use and it is assembled, tested and inserted in the Monel on location.

Integrated tool programming and surface system eliminate user errors, while an intuitive interface quickly shows precise information. Additionally, the tool is entirely retrievable and pluggable, it has a connection port to EDR systems, and Gamma Ray module can be added to the system.


Teledfrift Argentina S.A. is BICO’s exclusive representative in Argentina, its motors fleet is comprised by 4 ¾”, 6 ¾” Medium Speed, and 8” diametres.

These Mmotors are equipped wth the latest technology in high torque power sections with adjustable bend housing of high reliability and performance.

Tolteq iSeries MWD

The Tolteq™ iSeries platform is the leading probe-based, mud pulse MWD product line available to the independent directional drilling market. As a modular platform, the iSeries platform provides directional drillers with significant flexibility to configure and deploy the tools in a wide variety of applications. With more than 600 tools sold and in use in 15 countries (as of January 2020), the Tolteq iSeries MWD platform is a proven and reliable MWD solution for directional drillers globally.