Teledfrift Argentina S.A. is BICO’s exclusive representative in Argentina, its motors fleet is comprised by 4 ¾”, 6 ¾” and 8” diametres.

Oriented to vertical and high performance directional drilling, its high performance power section is selected to match the torque and speed needed to optimize drilling. In providing optimal speed and power, the motor can effectively increase ROP, which results in a later reduction in drilling times.

Also, downhole motor use allows a reduction in rotation of the drilling string, which results in a reduced wear of the drilling collars, drill pipe, and coatings.

SpiroStar Technology: Made up of high power and performance stators. They have a uniform elastomer thick (and thinner) that gives higher resistance, capable to withstand hostile environments and high temperatures.)

Alternative flow system with multiple activation for drilling operations worldwide known as PBL valve. This is a simple and efficient tool that allows to increase the displacement of fluids and clogging material (LCM) in bigger concentrations whenever required, thus producing larger savings and avoiding non-productive times, and also increasing the circulation rate in certain operations.

Years of experience and use of this tool worldwide have transformed this system into the most reliable in the world.

Roller reamers provide a low torque stabilization point where roller reamers “roll” around bore walls, which reduces torque and slides better in case of entrapment due to formation changes, thus reducing vibration and a further reduction of fails.

Rollers profile provides the action of reaming, which will rectify the well to the diameter of the assembled RR and it will remove any protrusion and mini doglegs from the profile of the well drilled wall.

This smoother bore wall profile will help in drilling processes, well logging, crowns and casing runnings.

HGG – Hole Gauge Guard Sub (HGG) is designed and manufactured to provide uniform well caliber, which extends the caliber or drill bit gauge and gives better stabilization with longer operating life